Demo Model John Deere 7760 Round Bale Pickers
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  Demo Model John Deere 7760 Round Bale Pickers    Demo Model John Deere 7760 Round Bale Pickers
Demo Model John Deere 7760 Round Bale Pickers

2008 - 2010 Models available.
Hours 250 - 450 on 2010 Models
Full Service records available from John Deere Dealers.
Machines are fully Green Star upgradeable.

2008 Models sold with full upgrade on software and Major Service before delivery.
Full Service records available with each machine from John Deere Dealers.
All Models available for immediate delivery in Australia, Africa and Europe.
All Australian Machines delivered with full Aqis certification.

Green Star Upgradeable systems

GreenStar System

All machines are standard with the Harvest Doc Cotton system. The components needed to make this work are listed in red on the following sheet. The Starfire iTC Receiver will be replaced with John Deere's new Starfire 3000 Receiver.

Harvest Doc™ Cotton system

The Harvest Doc Cotton yield mapping system from John Deere Ag Management Solutions (AMS) is included as base equipment on all 7760 Cotton Pickers. With Harvest Doc, cotton producers are able to document and map their cotton yields with the GreenStar™ system. This system enables producers to generate detailed cotton yield maps to help them make more informed decisions in the field.

Harvest Doc Cotton uses common GreenStar components, including a StarFire™ iTC receiver, a GreenStar 2 (GS2) display, and a data card. In the office, Apex™ Farm Management software is used to generate detailed yield data.

The cotton yield map from Apex shows yield variance happening throughout the field. Also printed on the map is the total number of acres harvested, harvest date, average yield, and harvest hours for the operator, farm, and field.

While harvesting, the GS2 display provides the operator with a number of items, including lint yield, load weight, GPS and recording status, cotton variety, area, and distance covered.

The following additional components are required for the 7760 Cotton Pickers equipped with Harvest Doc Cotton:

GreenStar - GS2 display - John Deere Second Hand Equipment - Demo Models
GS2 display

The GS2 display utilizes a CompactFlash® card for data storage and collection purposes.

A GreenStar display is required to operate the Harvest Doc Cotton system. The GS2 2600 Display is equipped standard with the GreenStar Basics software package, which contains Harvest Doc Cotton.

StarFire iTC receiver - John Deere Demo Model Equipment
StarFire iTC receiver

The StarFire iTC receiver is available for field installation only.

CompactFlash is a registered trademark of the SanDisk Corporation.

Lummus Gin completely refurbished-Available immediately

John Deere Demo Model Equipment.

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